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Do you have difficulty choosing names for your characters? Do you reach for the phone book or browse baby name websites online? For most writers, choosing a name for their primary character is easy. This person has been in their heads for weeks, months or years. Not so with secondary or minor characters.

Character Name Generator makes that process a little bit easier. With tens of thousands of name combinations to choose from, all graded by popularity, age, gender and nationality, you get to choose from a wide selection of names.

This software is free to download and to use, and doesn’t require much explanation. The screenshots below are self-explanatory.

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Version 1 of Character Name Generator has just been released, and it contains over 20,000 names in use across America. We expect to add names from other nationalities shortly.

Configurable options include degrees of popularity - from the most to the least common - as well as the age group of the character. We all know that common names for young people today may have been unheard of twenty years ago, so this option allows greater flexibility across age groups.

Each time you click Generate, ten names will be created for you based on the options you specified. If you select one of the names, you can copy and paste it into your work straight away.

The next version - due out shortly - will include extra nationalities as well as an option to Remember names, allowing you to build up a list of names you like and might wish to use later.

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